Stainless Steel Occult Fullmetal Alchemist Swastika Ring


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Stainless Steel Laser Etched Occult Fullmetal Alchemist Swastika Ring

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This unique,5-side laser etched Occult Fullmetal Alchemist Swastika Ring is crafted of 316L the finest quality of stainless steel imported from Germany. This fine men jewelry material is durable, anti-allergenic, waterproof and will never tarnish .

Swastika is such an ancient symbol that its true origins are lost in pre-History,but the symbol is pretty much universal throughout the world which is found in such diverse cultures as:China, India, Japan, Tibet, Greece, Celts, Gnostic, Hittite, Jains, Egypt, Ancient Crete, Ancient Troy, Scotland, Ancient Ireland, Kickapoo Indians, Tennessee and Ohio Indian burial mounds (Hopewell Mound), Pottawatomie Indians, Hopi Indians, Zuni Indians, Old Norse, Brigantes of Ancient Britain, who used it as a symbol of the goddess Bride, Nomadic Tribe Plains Indians, Central American Maya and Aztec, Buddhist, in the Catacombs of Rome as Crux Dissimulata, Pre-Hejira Arabs. A variant with only three arms is used on the Isle of Man, and is known as a triskeleon. It is usually represented as three -legs- and thus suggests the act of running. This may be a hold-over from its associations with the goddess Bridget (Bride). the symbol of St. Bridget s Cross becomes -much- more interesting at this point, and might be considered a swasticka-variant. Depicted within a triangle symbolizing the goddess Astarte in some parts of the Ancient Middle East. The Manichaeans Ancient Rome, where it was a symbol of Jupiter Tonans and Pluvius

Why stainless steel jewelry:Stainless steel has many positive characteristics compared to any other alloy.Amazingly strong! An ideal choice for outdoor use.It wears better and does not rust, tarnish, scratch or bend and also hypoallergenic and will not irritate even the most sensitive skin.A much more affordable jewelry material alternative to titanium,gold or platinum,yet maintains the beauty and elegance of gold or platinum.Stylish,contemporary, ultra modern and , avant-garde.

Our stainless steel jewelry is made of the finest stainless steel (316 L) imported from Germany and every product is produced under 300 ton pressure of molding and then is individually crafted by hand .

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