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Timeless Design Pearl Stud Earrings

Divine, luminescent pearl stud earrings will add a feminine touch to every outfit. This simple, timeless design is perfect for every occasion and will add elegance to all sorts of outfits for many years to come. Post and friction backs for pierced ears only.

Do you know how to choose between rose overtone pearls and silver overtone pearls. A consumer shopping for pearls should know that Tiffany & Co. sells silver overtones whereas Mikimoto is known for selling rose overtones. According to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) ros? overtones, as well as silver overtones improve the value of white pearls. Women who have fair skin prefer pearls with ros? overtones as they feel this color compliments their skin tone best. Women who have olive skin, darker skin or women who enjoy a year-a-round tan usually purchase silver overtones. If you've ever seen royalty wearing pearls, their pearls are usually white. Of course, the final choice lies with you or the recipient of the pearl jewelry. Remember too, pearls absorb the surrounding colors due to their reflectiveness. Ultimately, once draped around the necklace, it is honestly difficult to notice the difference between rose or silver overtones as it is very subtle. One should always purchase the color that they are drawn to.

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